To expand their business and brand markets, many businesses choose to run strong marketing strategies. However, they forget that mobile apps play an important role in increasing revenue and growing their business. So, where is the cheap app design really prestigious and quality? Let's find out with us in this article.

professional cheap app design

Cheap app design ensures quality products are being cared for by most businesses today.

1. Benefits and opportunities of designing a cheap app

1.1 What is a mobile app? 

The mobile app is also known as the mobile app. Mobile app is software developed specifically on smartphones, tablets, instead of using desktop or laptops.

The app is created for a specific mobile operating system such as iOS or Android. These apps have an optimized user interface (UI) and ensure strict quality of customer experience.

1.2. Benefits of mobile app design

According to Internet Statistics Vietnam 2021, up to 70.3% of the population is using the Internet with an average salary of 6 hours and 47 minutes per day. With this huge number, users access the applications that businesses own is increasing. Therefore, cheap app design brings great benefits to your business. It can be mentioned as:

The perfect marketing problem: Mobile app makes it easy for businesses to create promotional announcements and incentives to attract users. In addition, businesses can store user behavior and consume goods.

Create a loyal customer base: The goal of developing mobile app is to provide the best experience for users. Your customers will stay on the app longer if you have an impressive interface, unique colors, smart features.

Strong branding: The combination of app marketing campaigns and user satisfaction will create a brand identity that is more ingrained in the customer's subconscious. Therefore, when you design a professional app for your business, you have created the foundation for the brand to develop sustainably.

Promoting increased profits: The ultimate goal of app design remains to increase revenue and profitability. The app is a sustainable source of business support when it reaches a large number of visitors.

High competitiveness: Your competitors, big or small, can be pushed backwards if you don't find more business vehicles. Mobile app will create interaction between users and businesses and bring real economic value and brand coverage.

Here are some of the main values that mobile apps bring to businesses. So how much does it cost to design an app and based on what criteria?

2. What criteria is the cost of designing a cheap app based on?

The design of a mobile app always requires the programming team to research in depth and design quality products. Therefore, depending on the level of customer requirements, the cost of designing cheap apps varies.

cheap and reputable app design

The cost of designing the app is based on a variety of criteria.

2.1. Compatibility on operating systems

Which operating system does your business want mobile apps to be compatible with: iOS, Android, or Windows? In these types of operating systems there will be different costs. On the iOS operating system, there will be a higher cost than the rest. However, to ensure the efficiency of the app you should integrate all operating systems.

2.2. Complex structure of the app

There will be 3 types of cost corresponding to 3 types of cheap app design. The first is that the app has a basic level, i.e. the app does not need back-end data, link features,... It will have the lowest cost. Because the time it takes to do it only takes 1 to 3 months. Depending on the units you choose, the cost can be between $2,000 and $8,000.

The second is an app with a high level of data back-end requirements, APIs, cross-platform links,... There will be higher costs. Because the time it takes to complete an app falls between 3 and 6 months. The cost can fall from $8,000 to $40,000.

However, there are many cheap app designers on the market. The cost of suppliers is tailored to the needs of every business. You can see more app design prices here.

2.3. Field - occupation of operation

Cheap app designhas a cost depending on each sector or industry in which your business operates. Because when designing, programmers have to study user-friendliness, intelligence or utility on the application.

For example, for the fields of entertainment, education, news, e-commerce,... There will be its own linking features. There is no common price for mobile apps. Your business needs to find a reputable consultant to plan for this in detail.

2.4. Features in the app

Popular features built into mobile apps today include:

* User account (registration/login)

* Automatic reply mailbox or chat mailbox.

* Product shopping cart

* Internet banking link payment.

* Store and analyze user behavior data.

* Media diversity: images, effects, sounds,...

Based on these features, the cost of app design services varies. However, these features must also be relevant to the area of business you operate in for programming. To have a quality product needs to go through many complex stages. Therefore, in the process of implementing the application programming project with other units can face many unexpected risks.

3. Unexpected risks when designing cheap apps

Trên thị trường có rất nhiều đơn vị thiết kế app giá rẻ. Tuy nhiên, bạn cần cân nhắc thật kỹ trước khi đưa ra quyết định nơi nào uy tín và chuyên nghiệp. Để lập trình ra một ứng dụng di động chất lượng đòi hỏi chuyên môn của lập trình viên rất cao. Bạn có thể gặp phải nhiều rủi ro sau khi lựa chọn dịch vụ thiết kế app đại trà trên thị trường: 


Lập trình viên thiếu chuyên môn: App có thể phải sửa đi sửa lại nhiều lần, thậm chí bạn không thể sử dụng được. Điều này khiến cho bạn tốn kém rất nhiều thời gian và lãng phí tiền bạc. 


Unmodified app features: This makes it difficult and extremely inconvenient for users. The running app will not work, even losing opportunities for customers if the features of the application are not complete. 


Poor security: Be very careful with cheap app design invitations without credibility. Because, you are very vulnerable to losing data and being sold information to third parties. 


Time-consuming: Many units offer many policies and require high programming costs. You are in a passive position and have no control over the progress of this project. 

Because of the above inadequacies, an app design unit with professional and prestigious criteria should be put first. 

4. Cheap app design price at ZicZac

 There are many small and medium-sized businesses that have trusted ZicZac 's app design services. These can be mentioned as: Quick household purchase, Japanese warehouse, Note Everything, Dong Ha delivery,...

 designing a reputable low-cost app in hanoi

ZicZac provides on-demand app design services and product quality commitment.

With more than 10 years of construction and development in the field of information technology, ZicZac always brings cheap app design packages and product quality assurance. Accordingly, we offer 3 main service packages, including: Start plan (only from 6 million), Pro Plan (only from 10 million) and Business Plan. 

ZicZac is committed to the process of implementing app design according tothe requirementsof the time and requirements of customers. Every product that is run on the market must meet the following principles: 


* Research and thoroughly analyze the user experience. 

* Plan and plan according to the correct time. 

* Transparent and accurate back-end information data. 

* Smart interface, creative content and outstanding business brand image.

* Flexibility associated with the necessary features and suitable for operating systems. 

* App design cost packages are unchanged as agreed. 

* Hand over the product on time.

* Warranty support service and utility optimization 24/7. 


Thus, to develop an application you can cost from 20 million to 800 million for services with too high cost but can not guarantee and commit to quality. To own a cheap app design service from only 6 million, ensuring prestige and professionalism, contact immediately via hotline 0762.103.668. 


Hopefully, the above information can help you in the search for an effective mobile app developer. You can learn more about ZicZac 's service while following it at Fanpage.

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